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When the body works in perfect harmony (side by side on my piano keyboard, but I digress), homeostasis is maintained. Allostasis is the new term, but the textbooks are still using the old one of homeostasis, but that is a digression, as well.

When our lives are in balance, we have our own sort of homeostasis. However, we tend to think of that as being stuck in a rut rather than being a good thing of being aligned and in balance.


Although I don’t know about you, I’m still waiting on my homeostasis, my perfect alignment, my balance. Far more often, I am certain I am spinning in a collision course for every possible clusterfuck that could come my way. And most of the time, I hit them dead on.


On another note, Robot Girl says her geek is bigger than yours. It’s a grand and wonderful sign when being a geek is worn as a badge of honor. From one geek to another, geek on, Robot Girl. http://turnerandkowalski.wordpress.com/2009/10/22/social-games-trivia-awards/


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Children are like free radicals, pinging around a cell, making a mess of things, stealing electrons away and otherwise tearing a perfectly ordered house up.

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Marriages are binary compounds if things go the way they’re supposed to.  In binary compounds,  the individual elements come together either as ionic compounds, with one element giving up electrons and the other taking, or as molecular compounds, with elements sharing their electrons.

What happens, though, when the oxidation state changes in one of the elements of the marriage compound? The struggle to make it keep that particular oxidation state can rip a marriage apart. Both partners have to be willing to shift, in tandem. This is not always an easy thing.

Somedays, though, things go fairly well and the compound is a stable one.

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Quantum Grumblings



Somewhere in a quantum reality more aligned with my wishes, there exists a me with a him. And that him is doing the things this me wishes this he were. Now chances are that that me is not happy with that him and wishing that him were this him. If you follow me.

How’s Shrodinger come into play? Well, I don’t know what state my him is in until I observe him, right? Theoretically it’s possible that my him is in fact now engaged in the very behavior I desire. It’s also likely that he’s not. Hell, maybe he’s not even in the box. That too is possible.

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