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All the quantum hims collectively shake their heads  at my quantum him. And all the quantum mes look on in empathy. When even your quantum yous get that you screwed up, you know you’re in deep kudzu.



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Why do relationships fail? Is it all about atoms ionizing, that one electron that’s just got to blow that joint?
Marriages and relationships survive, thrive, when both individuals have the unwavering commitment that neither one of the people involved is getting out of it alive. 🙂
It’s never perfect, it’s rarely not messy, but at the beginning of the day, the end of the day, and every moment in between, we both know we have the other’s back unquestiongly. And through the rest of it we bicker, we laugh, and we love the other. And on the more challenging days, I think of other quantum mes and other quantum hims.

That, and neither one of us wants the kids.


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