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Backlog of Magazines

The last four months of magazines like Newseek, etc. have piled up (about 16 inches deep, honestly). I started at the most recent of the Newsweeks and started reading them from the back cover back (I’m odd like that) and got back through October before I realized I really don’t give a shit about Newsweek. It’s a crappy format. Unattractive and for the most part crappy writing. The Begley woman gets the science wrong more than right. I through the rest of the unread Newsweeks in the trash so that I can start on all of my science, skeptic, and psychology magazines now. Much better reading material.


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It’s all fun and games until someone takes a fun idea, an uber-geek idea of quantum realities as an awesome sci-fi tactic to let your favorite characters change personalities (think Spock and Kirk or Sisko), and fucks it all up by positing that we don’t really die cuz there are other quantum yous. Uh, eventually they die, dumbass. And dead is pretty much fucking dead to  this quantum reality, so it really doesn’t fucking matter if you have other quantum realities. You’re still dead here and your family’s still hurting.

And biocentrism is really fucking stupid. Period. I don’t care how sexy Chopra sounds, and close your eyes:  listen to that voice and feel yourself tingle. Lanzo looks like a cheap porn star selling day old condoms. I’ll keep Chopra; he may be full of shit, but it’s mystical magical shit, but Lanzo’s leading scientist horse shit and his sleazy snake oil salesman style, well, no. No woo for me. not from him.

Chopra, I’ll just listen to the sound of his voice and ignore the content, thank you very much. We can align our chakras all day long.

**And that, my friends, is what an exotic accent and mumbo-jumbo woo all mystically stated in that lovely accent will get you: a woman unabashedly anti-woo saying she knows it’s horse shit, believes it’s horseshit, ain’t buying any of it, but will listen to a man with a sexy exotic accent try to sell it and enjoy herself. No harm in listening, right?**

Undoubtedly, in some quantum reality, there’s somebody who thinks a Jersey accent is irrestibly sexy.

****   Deepak Chopra   **** If the google alert thingy works, you’ll see this post. 🙂 I’m one of those skeptics that you wrote about at Huff recently.

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Mad fades

Which is a good thing.  For him. 🙂

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All the quantum hims collectively shake their heads  at my quantum him. And all the quantum mes look on in empathy. When even your quantum yous get that you screwed up, you know you’re in deep kudzu.


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Why do relationships fail? Is it all about atoms ionizing, that one electron that’s just got to blow that joint?
Marriages and relationships survive, thrive, when both individuals have the unwavering commitment that neither one of the people involved is getting out of it alive. 🙂
It’s never perfect, it’s rarely not messy, but at the beginning of the day, the end of the day, and every moment in between, we both know we have the other’s back unquestiongly. And through the rest of it we bicker, we laugh, and we love the other. And on the more challenging days, I think of other quantum mes and other quantum hims.

That, and neither one of us wants the kids.


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When the body works in perfect harmony (side by side on my piano keyboard, but I digress), homeostasis is maintained. Allostasis is the new term, but the textbooks are still using the old one of homeostasis, but that is a digression, as well.

When our lives are in balance, we have our own sort of homeostasis. However, we tend to think of that as being stuck in a rut rather than being a good thing of being aligned and in balance.


Although I don’t know about you, I’m still waiting on my homeostasis, my perfect alignment, my balance. Far more often, I am certain I am spinning in a collision course for every possible clusterfuck that could come my way. And most of the time, I hit them dead on.


On another note, Robot Girl says her geek is bigger than yours. It’s a grand and wonderful sign when being a geek is worn as a badge of honor. From one geek to another, geek on, Robot Girl. http://turnerandkowalski.wordpress.com/2009/10/22/social-games-trivia-awards/

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Children are like free radicals, pinging around a cell, making a mess of things, stealing electrons away and otherwise tearing a perfectly ordered house up.

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